Today I have Hannah, Maria, and Micaiah with me for what is a very long day.  Their presence is giving me a bit of a break for now.

As I mentioned earlier – the kids are all here because they want to be – no small detail for any parent.  In fact, I had to insist that they stay home on Thursday and Friday in order to save their strength for today and tomorrow.  This morning, Lydia asked to come and help me – a hard request to resist (the day would be too hard for her).  We’re pacing ourselves more now, retrieving and saving DVDs when we suspect that we’re talking to Christians, but handing off a www.wheredoyoustand.us business card in its place when we can.  Approximately 6000 DVDs are now gone and thus we want to make sure that our distribution is as deliberate as possible.  Overall, we look to the Lord to plant these where they need to go, and we are continually petitioning Him to that end.

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