Most days here are simply fast and furious.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lulls and moments of quiet – but this is often disrupted quickly by an unexpected onslaught of people.  The only way to stay on top of this roller-coaster of traffic is to stand ready at the front of the booth – ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us, or at least to hand out a WDYS DVD, or an Amazing Grace Gospel CD.   Thus, there isn’t much time for anything else, and the daily blogging has been quite slow – but, of course, we’re not here to blog.  Dean was with me for the day once again.  When Dean is here, I end up eating more than usual.  For example, Dean arrived at our booth with a delivery of Yaki-Soba – one of my favorite Japanese dishes – a kind of late morning brunch.  This was later supplemented with an “Awsome Blossom” onion concoction (with lunch).  Dessert was maple cotton candy (compliments of Dean, despite the scandal below), topped off late in the evening with an ice cream concoction.  I’m pretty sure now that Dean is trying to kill me – slowly.  Actually, kidding aside, it is because of Dean that I’m actually taking the time to get a meal – something that I’m not very good at doing, especially when I’m in the midst of a busy schedule.

We had some fun throughout the day… 

Concerning the schedule, I have been here every day from the start – Fri (11 hrs), Sat (13 hrs), Sun (10 hrs), Mon (7hrs), Tues (7 hrs), Wed (11 hrs), Thurs (7hrs), Fri (11 hrs), Saturday – today (13 hrs), Sunday – tomorrow (10hrs).  After my first Saturday, I paused and reflected on the fact that I probably have never before stood for 13 hours and talked nearly non-stop; this, followed by preaching the following morning, only to return for 10 hours of more of the same.  The Lord is sustaining me wonderfully.  He has guarded me with good health and a voice that hasn’t suffered too much.  Yesterday was a blessing – seasoned with several conversations with people about the Gospel.  However, with many apologies, I failed to capture Dean’s “singing” of various songs throughout the day.  For reasons unknown to me, he didn’t want his performances recorded on video.

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