The Science of Sophistry

How often do I hear people refer to antibiotic resistance as being “proof” of evolution, and yet they never address the fact that such resistance is not the product of increased information in the genome.  As an example of this common error I offer you this article by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, with the following excerpt below: 

“It’s very common for evolutionary propagandists to define evolution as (1) simply ‘change in a population over time’, as well as (2) the idea that all life came from a single cell, which itself came from a chemical soup. Then they produce examples of ‘evolution’ (1) and use this to prove evolution (2), and then claim that Biblical creation is wrong! However the Biblical creation model does imply that organisms change over time—but these changes would always involve sorting or loss of already existing (created) genetic information, never the gain of new information. But evolution (2) requires the gain of new information. Even if information losing (or neutral) processes could continue for billions of years, they would never add up to a gain of information.”

We never really hear from the defenders of Darwinism on these important matters.  The most that is ever offered, as an answer, is a Dawkins-like sophistry: 

You’ll notice that Mr. Dawkins never answers the question, and this is quite unfortunate because the query ventures into the heart of genuine science which is founded upon the empirical method.  His avoidance of the question is quite telling.  Sophistry and dogmatism constitute no substitute for dialogue and debate – the latter of which is grossly missing within the “scientific” community of the modern age.

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