On the Rising Cost of Fuel…and Ignorance

Not having found any real evidence for macro-evolution on planet earth, scientists have been taking their quest for Darwinism into space itself.  Frankly speaking, the search for extra-terrestrial life is becoming more and more desperate.  Because of the overly simplistic view of most evolutionists, there is a prevailing belief among them which says that a planet which possesses water will have an elevated potential for evolving life.  In a sense, many “scientists” have come to believe that the generation of life can be reduced to an abiotic protein shake – just add water, and voila!

As you well know, Mars has been the primary focus of the extraterrestrial search for life.  However, since the presence of life has not been detected on Mars, the folks at NASA are now just looking for what they believe are “favorable conditions” for life on the cold, dead planet.  Thus on August 4th, NASA launched yet another probe to our planetary neighbor.  Here are your tax dollars at work:

The Phoenix Mars Lander won’t be looking for evidence of life on Mars but rather traces of organic compounds in the baked and moistened samples, which would be a possible indicator of conditions favorable for life, either now or once upon a time.

It will travel a total of 422 million miles at a cost of 420 million dollars.  With this thing running at 1$ per mile, my van is starting to look pretty reasonable.    Read further.


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