Science, Duct Tape & WD-40

I knew this one was coming.  The thought of dark matter always seemed terribly desperate to me, and sadly, a good deal of research, time, and money has been spent trying to detect it.  From all my reading about this theoretical substance, it felt like I was watching a carpenter using wood filler to patch a mistake, rather than a scientist describe reality.  Dark matter is that theoretical stuff that was proposed as a solution to explain why galaxies behave as though they had more matter than they appear to have.  In a sense, it was supposed to explain why galaxies don’t fan their matter out into space by the force of their spin.  Now, if this article has any merit at all, we can just sit back and watch the cosmological house fall down as scientists will (no doubt) call into question its theoretical cousin – dark energy

This is entertainment at its best.

The life spans of most scientific theories are quite short – but the Word of the Lord abides forever.


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