The Armoury has been a quiet place this week simply because we have been enjoying the beauty of New River State Park in NC.  All week we have been without any real contact with the outside world.  It’s just been our Beasley clan, some Canadian night crawlers, a few gullible small mouth bass, and some very interesting camping neighbors – to include a church group from the Sound Side Free Will Baptist Church.  They were fairly pleasant neighbors until last Friday night when they stayed up until 1AM making such a ruckus that someone called in armed rangers to end their little party. 

I didn’t do it.

In fact, I just slept like a baby through the whole thing.  Beyond this moment of free-wheelin excitement, the only real non-camping activity that I engaged in during this time consisted of going to a place called Bohemia almost every day to make sure that their cappuccinos were up to par.

It’s difficult work but somebody had to do it. 

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