Been Busy…


If The Armoury seems to have been moving along at the same pace of the M-497 jet-powered train (which was retired in 1966 and hasn’t moved an inch ever since) it’s because I’ve been busy. The usual priveleges and responsibilities have kept me running all this time, but there is one exception, and his name is Josiah Calvin Beasley:

This 9.1 pound gift from God was given to us on Tuesday, March 6th, at about 8:30 in the morning. He is our second son of six children, and we are very thankful for him.


David Kjos over at The Thirsty Theologian has issued a needful rebuke for my own good. In my rush to get a picture of Josiah up on The Armoury, I failed to post any pictures of my wife – who had something to do with the birth of Josiah!!! What would I do without godly brethren? So here are a few more pics (for now):

Sandra, Lydia and Josiah:

Ruth, Lydia, Maria, Micaiah, Sandra and Josiah:

Thanks to Angie, from the Jonestown Starbucks in Winston-Salem, for the celebratory beverages for the whole family, in Josiah’s honor:

P.S., Micaiah is glad to have a brother:

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