Yeah, It’s Been Slow Around Here

The posting around here has been quite spotty.  A little here, a little there – you’d think that I’m some lazy lounge lizard, doing nothing but lying around and eating live crickets.  Behind the scenes of such apparent inactivity, I have been working on a number of writing projects.  But in lieu of any substantive posts this week, I offer you the above picture of, yes, a real lizard lying down on a couch.  I found the original photo at Little Green Footballs – from there you’ll find a link to the picture’s source, and the story behind it.  When I first saw this I thought to myself – it would be amazing to have a lizard that can do that!  Then I realized that having a beast that can slouch on a couch and stare at you like that would be slightly terrifying.  This guy can keep his “pet.” 

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