When Science Goes to the Dogs

Genuine scientists are a dying breed.  Most of what populates the ranks of what many today term as “scientists” are just very smart individuals whose imaginations have gone to their head.  When I read this article, I realized that contemporary science just continues to go to the dogs:

Scientists say they cannot dismiss the possibility that a new universe could explode into life in your kitchen.  A new universe could be created at any time.  Nor can they rule out a Big Bang in your bedroom.  But don’t be too concerned that you could become the centre of a new universe.  Scientists say the chances are so remote the figure is one divided by one followed by 100 million trillion trillion trillion trillion noughts.  “It is probably the smallest number in the history of physics,” said Dr Sean Carroll, from the University of Chicago, who helped to work the figure out.  The universe was created out of nothing more than 14 billion years ago in the Big Bang.  

Created…out of nothing (ex nihilo)…in your kitchen or bedroom. 


Notice that Carroll says our universe was created and that a new universe could be created again.  Think about that: created – that is an active verb.  Now scientists are not always known to be wordsmiths; their foci tend to lie in other areas, but the idea of created requires an active and intelligent agency behind it.  In reality, there is more truth in what Dr. Carroll said than he realized.  What he doesn’t understand is that the “odds” of another universe being created are not what he suspects them to be.  In reality, the probability is actually 1 /1:

Revelation 21:1: 1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away…

It is a difficult thing to endure: watching secular scientists drive down the road of popular opinion as though they faced no real obstructions along the way.  It is bad enough that this is a common reality; what is worse is that most people will accept, without a single critical thought, statements like: “the universe was created out of nothing more than 14 billion years ago in the Big Bang.”  

Question:  what exactly “created” that “bang” to begin with? 

I guess that we’re not supposed to ask that question, or if we do, we are not allowed to assume that the first cause of all matter and life is the One who is called “The Creator” by name. 

Without any empirical knowledge of the Universe’s beginning, it is impossible to extrapolate any probability of another “creation” event.  What we need is an eyewitness who can tell us about creation – and the Lord Himself has already done so.  This is proof, once again, that most of what passes for science is really a humanistic religion which requires a lot more faith than a mustard seed…much, much more.

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