We Live in a World of Many “isms”

This year we will have an opportunity to be at the Dixie Classic Fair here in Winston-Salem NC.  For those of you outside of NC, this fair is a fairly big event here in the Piedmont Triad area (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point).  We have on hand 12 cases of the “Where Do You Stand?” DVD on hand to give away.  Of course, we hope to do more than just hand out DVDs – we are looking forward to talking to people about the very contents of the 12 videos thus featured: 

1.  Do We Live in a Pointless Universe?
As scientists continue to research the vastness of space, we are discovering that the universe is much larger than we have ever imagined.  Because of these ongoing findings within cosmology, many have surmised that mankind is utterly insignificant.  As well, if it is true that the Universe will continue to expand forever into a cold and lifeless void, can it be said that “We live in a Pointless Universe?”

2.  Philosophy vs. True Science.
Can it be argued that the Universe “created itself out of nothing” as posited by Mr. Stephen Hawking?  Is such a supposition the product of philosophy or empirical science – and does it matter?  Will C.E.R.N.’s Large Hadron Particle Accelerator be able to unlock the universe’s deepest secrets?

3.  “Religulous” – by Bill Maher
Bill Maher’s movie “Religulous” argues that religion is harmful to humanity, and that all forms of theism amount to a single genre of foolishness called “religion.”  Is he entirely wrong, or entirely right?; or does he make some valid points within his movie?

4.  The Reality of “Atheism”
Atheism is one of the fastest growing movements in America.  What is Atheism, and how is it that atheists can come to such a conviction that there is no God?  As well, why are the advocates of atheism becoming more active in advancing their viewpoints?

5.  God is not Great?
Christopher Hitchens’ book – “god is not Great” has become very popular throughout the world.  He, like Bill Maher, argues that theism is “child abuse” and is a “poisonous branch that should have been snapped off long ago…” p. 275.  Is religion a dangerous and poisonous branch within mankind?

6.  The Dangers of Violent Religion
No one can deny that many acts of violence have been committed in the name of religion.  This is true today, and it has been true for centuries.  But why is this so?  What relationship does religion have with such violence?

7.  All Men are Created Equal?
Can it really be said that “all men are created equal?”  Were men “created” and in what sense does the notion of “race” factor into this question?  As well, is “racialism” a valid concept of the human race?

8.  Religion, Politics & True Hope
Perhaps you have seen examples where religious faith has been used for the sake of political advantage.  Is there anything wrong with using spiritual terms to describe our American politics & patriotism? 

9.  My Country ‘Tis of Me?
The hymn “America” supplies some very important lessons about the nature of our nation’s independence, dependence, and liberty.  What is that message, and why is it still so important for our own day and age?

10.  True Patriotism
Do you consider yourself to be a good American patriot?  What does it mean to be a patriot, and how might one live out such patriotism?  As well, does your sense of patriotism change at all based upon who is  serving in leadership at the time? 

11.  The Failures of Mere Religion & Atheism
What good can religion, agnosticism, or even atheism bring to a person?  This video presents an important query about all three belief systems.

 12.  A Song of True Liberty
The hymn “America,” or “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” is considered to be our nation’s second national anthem.  In this hymn, America is called a “sweet land of liberty.”  How was this liberty forged, and what is the ultimate message of this historic hymn?

We will be “live blogging” the event over the next 10 days.  We ask for your prayers that the Word of God would run and have success (2 Thess. 3:1-2) as we may have opportunity to describe to others the anatomy of this important question – “Where do you stand?”

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