Already we have had some great opportunities to talk to folks about our need for Christ and His word.  I’m very thankful for this open door and opportunity for the Gospel.  Hannah and Maria have joined me (@ 4:30) and we have been having a blessed time together…

From 2009-10-02

From 2009-10-02

It is 5pm and 300 DVDs have already been given away!

Update – this is a new experience for us.  Overall, Friday was fast and furious – we concluded the day having given away approximately 570 DVDs, and – having had a number of blessed conversations with passers-by about mankind’s need for Christ.  We’ve also had a few moments with the KJV “fighting fundy” types – a few conversations were rather contentious.  At one point (after stepping away for a few minutes), I came upon two people who were being contentious with my eldest daughter – Hannah.  I diffused the moment quickly, but was reminded by it that the American “church” is rife with much confusion and conflict.  Frankly speaking, this is one of the reasons that we’re out here today.  No matter who we speak with, our desire is to pass along the truth of God’s Word.

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