This morning I prayed for a number of individuals with whom I spoke over the weekend.  Their willingness to hear the Word of God being presented was an encouragement to me and reminded me of the need to pray that the Lord might open their eyes to the truth – I can talk until I’m blue in the face, but until the Spirit convicts and leads men to the truth, nothing will happen.  Scott Rogers Opened the booth this morning which was a great help – many thanks Scott!  It blessed my soul to see him sharing, not just the DVDs, but the truth of Christ’s centrality in everything.  Not every encounter with people leads to lengthy conversations, but when we have the opportunity, we are glad to drive our discussions to the cross!

My family came in order to give me some sustenance, and Sandra and the kids handed out DVDs while I ate…

Now it’s just Ruth and Dad – I will keep her with me for a few hours.  She’s been a front-line soldier here, connecting with people, telling them about what we’re sharing with people.  She’s still quite young, but she’s laboring like a big girl!

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