After a 13 hour day yesterday, Micaiah is at it again.  I thank the Lord for the joyful countenance of my children and their willingness to serve the Lord!  Without their help, this would become a nearly breakless endeavor for myself.  But after 5 hours of sleep, and preaching this morning – their help is indispensible.  Hannah will be with us today for this 3rd day at the DCF.  Each day is packed with a host of conversations and experiences, and I haven’t the time or ability to write about them all, but suffice it to say – there have been many opportunities to speak to people here – and I thank the Lord for it all.  We’ll have a few updates as the day progresses.

7:42 PM – Since this is a first-time experience for us, we have wondered what the pace would be like from day to day.  Saturday was busy, but today (Sunday) has been even busier!  Because of this we have had slightly fewer in-depth conversations with folks than in the past few days, however, things are still going very well.  Hannah & Micaiah provide stellar help, for which I am very thankful.  The biggest scandal of the day is that, despite the wonderful lunch that was packed for me, I opted for a little “Fiesta Role” from Ichiban. 

Blog-confession is good for the soul:

Note – the racism video/discussion has been a great aid for witnessing to people.  It has proved to be pivotal for several conversations today.

Update:  Alright (Hannah here) – I need to finish my dad’s confession. =) He did admit to getting food at Ichiban, but he failed to mention that he completed what we call the “Thruway Triangle.” Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Ichiban are all in the same shopping center, so when we are on Stratford road we tend to complete the “triangle” – and that’s just what dad did today. =) (Of course, Micaiah and I did enjoy our pumpkin spice doughnuts…but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to tease Dad!)

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