UN Resolution Passes, Denouncing All “Defamation of Religion”

This is not good at all.  As Americans we could simply ignore it as just another policy-debacle from the U.N., however beneath an administration which seeks to appease global policies and philosophies, this could become an encroaching threat to free speech here at home:

The Associated Press –

The U.N.’s top human-rights body approved a proposal by Muslims nations Thursday urging passage of laws around the world to protect religion from criticism.

The proposal put forward by Pakistan on behalf of Islamic countries — with the backing of Belarus and Venezuela — had drawn strong criticism from free-speech campaigners and liberal democracies.

A simple majority of 23 members of the 47-nation Human Rights Council voted in favor of the resolution. Eleven nations, mostly Western, opposed the resolution, and 13 countries abstained.

The resolution urges states to provide “protection against acts of hatred, discrimination, intimidation and coercion resulting from defamation of religions and incitement to religious hatred in general.”

“Defamation of religions is the cause that leads to incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence toward their followers,” Pakistan’s ambassador Zamir Akram said.

“It is important to deal with the cause, rather than with the effects alone,” he said.

And UN Watch (www.unwatch.org) is right when they describe the effects of such thinking:

“Ultimately, it is the very notion of individual human rights at stake, because the sponsors of this resolution seek not to protect individuals from harm, but rather to shield a specific set of beliefs from any question, debate, or critical inquiry.” (article)

Zamir Akram’s admission is quite telling.  By calling religious defamation the active cause of violence; and by calling violence the passive effect constitutes the worst form of reasoning that I have seen for some time.  This is what a four year old declares when they blame their tantrums on those who anger them, saying “you made me do it!” 

All man-made religions evince their opposition to Christianity in one way or another – but Islam seems to do it with a vengeance – literally.


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