The Armoury – Unblogged

In lieu of blogging this week, I managed to construct my schedule such that my son and I could step away for two days of some father & son time. All this came about because Sandra and our four girls hosted a fellowship and sleep-over for the young ladies in our church – a good time to get out of everyone’s way.

Micaiah and I had a wonderful time together. On the first night of our two day camping trip, Micaiah asked if he could share a devotion from his readings in Pilgrim’s Progress. With Bibles opened, we talked about Christian’s encounter with Adam and his three daughters – Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life (1 John 2:15-17). We then discussed the believer’s perpetual battle with sin and our continual need for grace.

Our times in prayer and in the Word were the highlight for me. But along with this we managed to find time to play checkers, throw a baseball and yes – do some fishing. This final activity was a good lesson in God’s sovereign blessings. The first day that we fished, we brought back nothing. On the second day, we caught nine fish (we could have kept them all, but we threw back five). We gave thanks for His provision and then headed home to our Beasley ladies. So all in all, The Armoury was utterly Unblogged for the week – But it was a great trade-off!

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