Thanks Bill Clinton

Of the many things that shocked me concerning Bill Clinton’s two terms as president, there is one moment that has always stood out: his clarion call that universal internet access be given to America’s school children:

“Now, looking ahead, the greatest step of all, the high threshold of the future we must now cross, and my number one priority for the next 4 years is to ensure that all Americans have the best education in the world.

Let’s work together to meet these three goals: Every 8-year-old must be able to read; every 12-year-old must be able to log on to the Internet; every 18-year-old must be able to go to college; and every adult American must be able to keep on learning for a lifetime.” [Excerpt from Bill Clinton’s 5th State of the Union Address]

I’m all for literacy and the potential for a college education – but internet access for every 12 year old?  This horrific promise of Clinton’s continues to haunt us to this day – especially as it continues to be fulfilled in our schools as well as in our culture at large – this has already become a global problemThis article should remind us why it is that Clinton’s clarion call has been nothing but a prescription for the corruption of this generation’s youth.

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