LUYE & China

A few years ago I modified our astronomy outreach ministry (Logos Astronomical Society), transforming it into Lift Up Your Eyes by name. When I did this I purchased the domain names of and for the accompanying website – formerly under Little did I know at the time that the acronym LUYE is actually a fairly popular name in China, and this has produced some interesting results for the website. Ever since this change, it has been interesting to see the amount of traffic that I receive from China. Before this change I would mostly receive visitors from Creation Science websites that had linked to the previous domain name of; but now, under the current domain names, the majority of my traffic comes from China and these visitors are coming directly to the domain itself, rather than through a link. Additionally, these visitors usually stay for a while – sometimes for a very long time. Because of this, I have been looking for options to have a complete mirror site someday, where the visitor would come to a page that would give them an option to visit the English site or the Chinese site – that would be the long term goal. In the meantime, I have placed a simple header on the index page which says “Greetings to our visitors from China” followed by “sanctify them in thy truth…” (in Chinese) followed by the text of John 3:16-18 (also in Chinese, as pictured above). This graphic is then linked to a Gospel presentation in Chinese. It’s not much at this point, but it is a start. I offer this as FYI and FYP (for your information and for your prayers). It is always comforting to know that the Lord, in His perfect providence, will harvest a great number of souls from every tribe, tongue, people and nation throughout the earth – for His glory alone.

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