Just What We Need: Christian Jihad

While it must be said that the Lord can even use very flawed means to bring about the salvation of His people (Phil. 1:15-17), I must express great concern over what appears to be a growing trend in our nation. Some may call it evangelism – I call it Christian Jihad…

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7 Responses to Just What We Need: Christian Jihad

  1. Gary says:

    hmmmm. looks like a lot of emotional hype.

  2. Ray says:

    I found something interesting in the video — the brief spot with the feminist, liberal author. She makes this statement — “You are either with them or against them”.

    While I think the Jesus Camp is a bit spooky — much of the knee-jerk reaction that we see (Jesus Camp) is because these self-same people (liberal, feminist, homosexual) insist on pushing their agenda down everyone’s throat and then standing back aghast as people react to it.

    We see the same type of emotionalism, and radical militant nonsense within those camps as they attempt to DEMAND that their agenda be forced within public schools, and in the public realm. This is a free country and these people have the same rights as I do, but when it comes to impacting others lives with their radical agenda, then we will see these types of movements.

    So, yes, I think this Jesus Camp is (from what I could see) manipulative, and driven by emotion; but I also think that many on the other side of the political, and theological divide in this country that can share the blame for this.

  3. Ray says:

    Oh I forgot — The whole bowing to a cardboard image of George W. Bush, or ANY person is not only frightening, but to this Jewish lad, too reminiscent of scenes from other places.

    There is NO PLACE for a militant Nationalism within the confines of Christianity! That should scare every Christian!

  4. thearmoury says:

    Gary – That is perhaps one of my greatest concerns here – much emotion and little content.

    Ray – It is interesting that humanists, feminists and homosexuals are against the indoctrination of our youth, unless of course they’re the ones doing it.

  5. poof says:

    Wow! I had never heard of this until I checked your blog this morning. Then I saw today’s post on the Lighthouse blog about Jesus Camp. Thought you might be interested in their take on it:

    I spent my teen years in a Pentecostal church where I’ve seen it all. This is lamb abuse and it sickens me.

    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

  6. thearmoury says:

    Carla –

    I think that Phil. 1:15-17 is helpful here. Jesus Camp seems to be an admixture of things, and like Finney’s revivals, some elemental good could come; however, I share the concerns of those who see an amphasis on emotionalism in this program. Not that I am an advocate of dispassionate Christianity (which is an oxymoron), but Jesus Camp seems to be a ramped up Pentacostal extravaganza. A longer trailer of the move for Jesus Camp reveals children convulsing on the floor in some supposed “slaying” of the spirit. This coupled with a woman presenting herself as a preacher, and her website which sports books about interpreting dreams, revealing prophecies and what I would call a junior version of the Alpha Course – I would rather keep as much distance from this as is possible.

    Beyond these concerns, I saw nothing in her website literature which reveals the real problem for youth today – the failure of fathers to train their children. Instead, she complains that children are “not impressed” with their church experiences and so she seeks to do more to impress the kids. Well, I’m not impressed with Jesus Camp.

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