Debates, Calvinism & Fauxtography Scandals

I think that some folks have been a little unfair in their criticism about the upcoming debate at Lynchburg concerning “Baptists and Calvinism.” As you can see from the picture above, all seems to be well. There are no subliminal messages here, no distorted images or anything like that. Everything is on the up and up as they say. This is the final edit of another picture that received a good amount of criticism:

The graphic above drew a good amount of attention. Some folks cynically complained about the relative sizes of the men pictured, suggesting that the Calvinists (White and Ascol) are smaller than the Caners’.

More than this, there is the picture of the abandoned and dilapodated church in the background. As you can see, the pews are empty, tattered and falling apart. The bareness of this scene led some to believe (cynically) that this was an implicit dig by some at Calvinism and its supposed destructive effects on the local church.

For those of you who thought such things – how utterly pessemistic of you!

At least they didn’t stick with the original picture below…

Or even this innocent first draft…

The nerve of some people…


Now on a serious note – do pray that this debate would honor the Lord and yield the peaceful fruit of truth, grace and the glory of our sovereign Lord.
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