Book Review: Astronomy and the Bible

We are often exposed to “scientific” articles, books and television programs that ignore and even mock the Bible’s clear teaching concerning the Creator. Because of this, Christians are sometimes intimidated, especially in a culture which insists that science is the sole propriety of secular humanism; but if the study of Physics, Biology and Astronomy should do anything to the Christian, it should increase our own sense of wonder and awe for the One who simply spoke the vast cosmos into existence by His powerful Word (Hebrews 11:3, Psalm 33:6). Instead of avoiding these subjects, Christians must understand that genuine science is the propriety of God, and is therefore to be enjoyed by His children, both for personal edification, as well as for outreach and evangelism to the lost. With this in mind, I will be introducing book reviews (from time to time) on various scientific works that can be used by brethren in order to increase their understanding of the sciences in an age of scholastic misinformation.

One such book is Astronomy and the Bible, Questions & Answers, by Dr. Donald B. DeYoung.

Dr. DeYoung is Chairman of the Department of Physical Science at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana. He holds a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics, as well as an M. Div. from Grace Seminary. DeYoung’s approach to the subject of Astronomy is clearly Biblical. Refreshingly, he deals with many of the sticky questions that normally surround modern cosmology, but with the priority of Biblical authority. Within the brief span of just 176 pages, DeYoung manages to raise and answer one hundred popular questions dealing with Cosmology and Physics. In particular, he addresses the most common questions dealing with:

  • Geocentricity (Is the earth at the center of the universe?).
  • The Anthropic Principle (a term which speaks of the uniqueness of earth’s habitable environment).
  • What is the big bang?
  • What is the age of the universe?
  • Should man be in space?
  • What is background radiation?
  • What’s wrong with studying astrology?

This small sample of his one hundred questions provides a preview of DeYoung’s very helpful review of Cosmology and Physics. Many of the questions that he raises are designed to bust certain modern myths. Others are designed to clarify matters that are often misunderstood in the popular culture. I find that his simple answers are thorough enough, and yet simple enough, to equip believers for personal edification as well as for sharing the Gospel with others. You don’t need a Physics degree in order to read and understand this book! At the same time, this work will certainly challenge your thinking about many discussions that have fallen prey to secular humanism. I offer it to you with my highest recommendation.

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