Alternative Energy Ideas

Here are some energy conservation ideas that were sent to me via Mrs. Phyllis Drane. Thanks Phyllis! With the price of gas these days, these ideas are starting to look fairly reasonable!

Be sure to click on the graphics in order to see them close-up.

plane.jpg hummer.jpg sail.jpg

dog.jpg truck.jpg sled.jpg

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3 Responses to Alternative Energy Ideas

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the Battery truck…But where in the world would you find a convenience store that would sell them for times of emergency? 🙂

  2. brlittle says:

    I’m no sailor… but if that car is really “under sail” it’s going backwards!

  3. thearmoury says:

    Burnie – I think you nailed it – as usual. Jess – the truck maker advises that people tow a backup battery at all times (not pictured) 😉

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