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Domain names are interesting things. With the large number of domain extensions out there in the world of the internet-ethersphere, it is not uncommon to have two websites, with the same domain prefix but different extensions, sporting some radically different content. This truth was refreshed in my thinking very recently. In the providence of God we discovered a spike in web-traffic at our video-apologetics site, www.wheredoyoustand.us, from people who were looking for the same domain prefix, but with the .com extension. Out of curiosity I looked to see what others were seeking and finding. It turns out that this alternate-universe-wheredoyoustand site is a kind of video storefront for fashion designer Kenneth Cole, husband of Maria Cuomo (daughter of former New York governor Mario Cuomo). At wheredoyoustand.com, viewers are exposed to a small montage of videos featuring Kenneth-Cole-fashion-clothing adorned models, whose sole purpose is (it would appear) to raise doubt on a number of controversial social and moral issues. The lesser of these “issues” deals with gun ownership rights. The more striking issue raised deals with homosexuality, where the obviously implied message is: homosexuality is good and acceptable.

Well, I thank God that several of these web-searchers initially failed to find Cole’s Vanity Fair[1] storefront, but instead stumbled upon a selection of very different videos that were crafted from a remarkably antithetical set of values:

1. Atheism & Religionism versus The Gospel: What good can religion, agnosticism, or even atheism bring to a person? This video presents an important query about all three belief systems.

2. All Men are Created Equal?: Can it really be said that “all men are created equal?” Were men “created” and in what sense does the notion of “race” factor into this question? As well, is “racialism” a valid concept of the human race?

3. The Reality of “Atheism”: Atheism is one of the fastest growing movements in America. What is Atheism, and how is it that atheists can come to such a conviction that there is no God? As well, why are the advocates of atheism becoming more active in advancing their viewpoints?

4. The Marks of True Patriotism: Do you consider yourself to be a good American patriot? What does it mean to be a patriot, and how might one live out such patriotism? As well, does your sense of patriotism change at all based upon who is serving in leadership at the time?

5. Religion, Politics & True Hope: Perhaps you have seen examples where religious faith has been used for the sake of political advantage. Is there anything wrong with using spiritual terms to describe our American politics & patriotism?

6. Do We Live in a Pointless Universe?: As scientists continue to research the vastness of space, we are discovering that the universe is much larger than we have ever imagined. Because of these ongoing findings within cosmology, many have surmised that mankind is utterly insignificant. As well, if it is true that the Universe will continue to expand forever into a cold and lifeless void, can it be said that “We live in a Pointless Universe?”

7. Philosophy vs. True Science: Can it be argued that the Universe “created itself out of nothing” as posited by Mr. Stephen Hawking? Is such a supposition the product of philosophy or empirical science – and does it matter? Will C.E.R.N.’s Large Hadron Particle Accelerator be able to unlock the universe’s deepest secrets?

Page 2 – Reviews:

8. Film Review – “Religulous” – by Bill Maher: Bill Maher’s movie “Religulous” argues that religion is harmful to humanity, and that all forms of theism amount to a single genre of foolishness called “religion.” In this review we examine the best and worst of what Maher has to say.

9. Book Review – God is not Great?: Christopher Hitchens’ book – “god is not Great” has become very popular throughout the world. He, like Bill Maher, argues that theism is “child abuse” and is a “poisonous branch that should have been snapped off long ago…” p. 275. Is religion a dangerous and poisonous branch within mankind?

10. Hymn Review – My Country ‘Tis of Thee: The hymn “America” supplies some very important lessons about the nature of our nation’s independence, dependence, and liberty. What is that message, and why is it still so important for our own day and age?

May the Father draw men to seek and find the possessor of all truth, blessings, and riches: Jesus Christ.

[1] Here, "Vanity Fair" is referenced from John Bunyan’s classic work, Pilgrim’s Progress. In Bunyan’s Vanity Fair, Christian and Faithful face the shallowness of the world’s love for money, possessions, fame, and power. When one merchant asked the two pilgrims what they were interested in buying amidst all the worldly wares available to them, they cried out: "we buy truth!" (Proverbs 23:23).

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