When Christmas Comes Early

Well, it seems that Christmas came early this year via two gifts from the brethren @ PBC –

1. A – T.U.L.I.P. Tree Ornament: Many thanks to Scott and Amanda for their PERSEVERANCE in finding three lovely silk tulips and bringing them together into an ornament that is absolutely IRRESISTABLE. Of course, they were gracious enough to give us this ornament UNCONDITIONALLY, however, because they had generously determined to make the one ornament, we were thereby LIMITED to converting one tree… no more, and no less. Beforehand we considered our tree to be TOTALLY worthless, but now it is a new kind of Christmas tree…yes, we like our T.U.L.I.P. Tree. Thanks a bunch…

2. A Maxwell House Ornament: Well, this week’s Maxwellbucks™ award goes to brother Burnie for secretly smuggling more of that imitation coffee (Maxwell House) into our house once again. Just when I thought I had settled a truce with the Maxwellites in our midst, I find that the they are once again invading my turf and polluting the pure java supply. The most recent coffee crime involves some of our Christmas decorations. We have a miniature Starbucks coffee shop replica (lighted) along with other miniaturized houses, people and streetlamps – a fun thing that we have the kids setup every year. Well, this peaceful landscape was rudely interupted Wednesday night when an invader arrived on the scene.

Thanks brother – now I owe you one

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