Muslims versus the Munafiqun

America’s self deception is phenomenal.  Many today will mindlessly repeat the expression “Islam is a religion of peace” – an expression which gained popularity, especially during the Bush years, and thus became the defacto creed for all those who worship at the altar of P.C. (political correctness).  However, those who are willing to examine the Koran, and especially the daily news, understand that the weekly body count claimed by the followers of Allah contradicts such a mantra – no matter how many times the PCers chant it.  Fearfully, the multitudes will avoid saying that which is painfully obvious – Islam is anything but a religion of peace.  In reality, those who claim allegiance to Allah, but who refrain from “slaying the infidel” for Allah’s sake (Surah 8:7, 9:5, 47:4), would be classified as a munafiq (backslider) by Muhammad himself.  Unfortunately, the only people who are willing to tell the truth about Islam are those who have been sidelined as irrelevant “extremists.”  Case-in-point: consider the interview below conducted with Anjem Choudary – an outspoken proponent of Islam in the UK.  He correctly defines the word “Islam” and reminds his viewers what the true tenants of Islam require from the genuine followers of the cult of Muhammad.

(Note: I disdain CBN for much of what it represents, however the interview below possesses such value that I am willing to post their work.  Ultimately, such an interview as this speaks for itself, no matter who would have conducted it):

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