Lift Up Your Eyes

In 2005 I put together an outreach video called “Lift Up Your Eyes” based upon Isaiah 40:26. This presentation is used in our Lift Up Your Eyes astronomical ministry. Essentially, I set up a telescope, provide a Powerpoint presentation (similar to the video below) and then, if the weather is permitting, we go outside in order to do some viewing of the stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies – whatever is viewable that evening. This then provides an opportunity to speak to others about the One who created the heavens and the earth for His own glory.

I decided to post the video on Google since the file size is too large to support on my server. Because of the change of definition concerning planets, established by the International Astronomical Union in August of 2006, Pluto is no longer a planet by definition. I have inserted such a disclaimer in the video until I have the time to redact Pluto out of it altogether. But in its present form it is yet another Gospel tool that is free to pass along to others.

Credit: Classical Guitar by Paul LeClair.

Update: This is the first time that I have used Google Video and so this is somewhat of an experiment. I noticed that the very end of the video is truncated – All that is missing is an invitation to visit, which I’ll correct at some point when I have the time to do so.

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