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I discovered this at the A-Team Blog today – a link for some electronic books. Perhaps many of you are aware of this already, but the folks at have some Libronix books available for free. You’ll have to go there to see their list, but they have the works of Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, John Flavel along with some other individual works. I have already downloaded many of these and I must say that they appear to be very well formatted. What a rich resource – many thanks to stilltruth.


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  1. My experience was similar. My dad had a heart attack and in the hospital while my grandmother was 2 floors up with pneumonia. My grandmother passed away so the job of handling the funeral fell on me. The experience was an education to say the least. My dad passed away about 5 years later and I took what I learned and applied it to the handling of him. Without going in to a lot of detail I learned that I could act as a general contractor sort of speak. I bought the casket in one place and had the body embalmed in another. Bought the vault in another and handled the burial arrangements myself. I made a number of funeral companies mad but in the end we saved a lot of money and took care of my dad in a very dignified way. A few years later my mother-in-law passed away and I told my wife’s family that I would be glad to take care of the arrangements but they declined. They spent approximately $15,000 while I spent less that $3000 for my dad’s. The business of death is heartless. I recommend that you learn everything you can about what you can do yourself in the state you live in. If not that then take care of your own arrangements and make sure that everything is included and paid for.

  2. thearmoury says:

    Bill –

    Thanks for your contribution on this – it’s a good reminder of our need to be good stewards not only in life, but even when dealing with the death of others. What bothers me the most is when I hear about some people who have very limited monetary resources, but are still taken for a financial ride. If you don’t mind, I will include your comments in the post “The Business of Death” which, I believe, is where you intended to make your post.

  3. My appologies. I am new to blogging. Please include in the business of death post. It is gut wrenching what these people do.

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