Indeed, Has Paul Really Said?: Appendix, Part III

Main Series, Appendix

N.T. Wright is often credited as being a diligent exegete of Scripture.  Even Wright defends himself to the same end.  In this section I address Wright’s views concerning the subjects of exegesis and church history.  In particular, I address his implicit accusation against me, whereby he infers that I merely parrot the theology of 16th century reformers in my book; this he does while defending himself as being a vigilant exegete.  However, his observations do not square well with the fact that my own work is heavy in exegesis, but extremely light in supporting citations from theologians from church history.  This negligible use of early Reformers was intentional, and was designed to avoid the very criticism that Wright rendered anyway.  For more information on the publication and release of Indeed, Has Paul Really Said? go here.

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