Indeed, Has God Really Said? Part I

Update – This series was published in book form by the title: Indeed, has Paul Really Said?

In the weeks to come I will outline Wright’s treatment of the doctrine of justification, focusing on just a few of Wright’s central arguments – arguments that are foundational to his entire system of thought.  All of these outlines will be made available in my book Indeed, Has Paul Really Said?:

1. Justification & God’s Courtroom:  Wright’s presentation of God’s courtroom, as it relates to the term justification, is indeed new and calls into question the lexical/historical background of the term – dikaios, righteous.  This will be our first layer of study.

2. Wright’s view of the Apostle Paul:  Wright’s redaction of those Pauline texts, which deal with justification, are approached with a “new perspective” of Paul himself.  Wright offers a transformed understanding of Paul’s background which is then used in order to advance a new Pauline connotation of justification and the righteousness of God.

3. Wright’s View of the Bible:  Wright’s treatment of extrabiblical history and Scripture itself calls into question his understanding of the relative authority of each.  This will be the last installment of the review since it covers all other dimensions of the book itself.

Appendix [Introduction, Part I, II, III, IV, V]: An analysis of Wright’s five critical comments regarding my own Critique of his Teaching on Justification

All in all, I have to say that the popularity that surrounds Wright, along with his teachings themselves, have driven me to offer a public review.  The impact that this man is having on the church cannot be ignored – it is already affecting how people think about the doctrines of justification and imputation.

For more information on the publication and release of – Indeed, Has Paul Really Said? go here.

Soli Deo Gloria

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