Darwin’s Many Children

As I have been catching up on my reading of works which deal with evolution and creationism, I have found myself feeling quite frustrated.  Throughout my years as a youth I was fed the party life of Darwinism.  I was told that it was real science and that no serious scientist questioned it.  For years I delighted in what I believed was obvious scientific truth…that is, until God opened my eyes and I actually began to examine what I had passively accepted as science for so many years; thus, my sense of frustration stems from the fact that I had been lied to for so many years.  Ours is the generation of Darwinism – dogmatic, hard-headed Darwinism, and the effects of this pseudoscience is seen everywhere you look. 

Darwin’s children are everywhere, and if they’re honest regarding the strict dictates of Darwinian logic, then they must conclude that humanity holds no special value.  If we are just animals, then what license do we have to exercise dominion over this world?  For the honest evolutionist – the answer is none.  Thus, we often see the signs and effects of Darwinian philosophy – it is found in organizations like PETA – an animal rights organization that refers to the production of animal meat as murder.  We also have public outcries given by Sen. Robert Byrd concerning the recent dog-fighting scandal:

When I first saw his tirade, I considered that it would be much more appropriate if he were speaking of the atrocities of abortion, or of the brutality of Islamic Jihad, or even against the blasphemy that is committed by our culture against the name of Christ.  No, Mr. Byrd is speaking in defense of animal life.  Sadly, the thought of Mr. Byrd speaking this passionately in defense of the life of unborn children is a plain fantasy.  The reason why this man won’t refer to our nation’s love affair with murdering unborn children as “barbaric” is because humans have become the demonized “species” within our “evolving” biosphere.  Humans can kill their own unborn with impunity – but you had better leave fido alone.  While animal cruelty is foolish and unnecessary, it certainly doesn’t merit the reaction of Mr. Byrd – a reaction that ought to be reserved for those things which reflect the valuations of Almighty God alone.

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